“Together we can find Fletcher Bay.”
— Fletcher Bay (3 March 2017) From The Wild Winds EP (7 April 2017)


I grew up in an old farmhouse with my father Jerry in Northamptonshire. It was there he taught me to play guitar and age fifteen we formed a band, named Dexter's Incident & we performed in local pubs together.  Sadly, my father battled with mental health which was extremely hard, so it is reflected in much of my earlier music.  He remained a true inspiration & friend to me.  Nine years ago when I was travelling in New Zealand, my Dad came out to join me for a few weeks and we discovered this idyllic place at the end of the Coromandel Peninsula called Fletcher Bay, a hair-raising clifftop drive to a remote beauty spot.  

Tragically, my father passed away last year, on the same day I released my Changing EP. As fate would have it, I had used an old photo of him, a professional potter at Whichford Pottery in The Cotswolds, on the cover as I had written the song 'Changing' about him getting better.  I didn't know what was about to happen next and I'm still grieving but I am now happy that I can make my new EP a tribute. The Wild Winds EP signifies an acceptance. I was lucky enough to return to Fletcher Bay to scatter my Father's ashes, a moment I will remember for a lifetime and our friends in Coromandel Town will forever be able to visit.  It inspired the song and the lyrics.


I hope you enjoy the music.



“Music should take you on a journey and boy does that guy do it every single time”
— Lal Muttock. BBC Introducing Northampton, February 2017

“But i’ve returned to say, that I will leave and you will stay, your heart, your soul belongs at Fletcher Bay.”
— Harry Pane - Fletcher Bay